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Seek Dental Emergency Care When You Experience:


See your emergency dentist as soon as you feel discomfort or pain

Tooth chipped or cracked:

Go to the dentist right away. If the tooth was broken or chipped, bring the tooth fragment wrapped in wet gauze or a wet towel.


Place a cold compress on the area to reduce swelling. If the pain persists or if it is excessive, go to your dentist or an emergency center.

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Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

When an Emergency Occurs, Whole Dental Design is Here to Help Acting fast on a dental emergency can minimize oral damage and save your smile!

• Tooth Extraction
• Root Canal Treatment
• Maxillofacial Surgery
• Full or Partial Dentures
• Wisdom Teeth Removal

• Emergency Dental Services
• Tooth Bonding
• Porcelain Crown and Veneers
• Dental Implants
• Financing Available

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